Emotional Intelligence

8h training

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What is it?

This program aims to bring understanding about what Emotional Intelligence really is and to highlight its importance as an enhancer of human relations, corporate well-being and organizational performance. Having a high EQ has proven to be a differentiating factor that brings us closer to success in all areas of our lives.
At HBS, we always work hard so that you can apply what we deliver right from Day 1. We don't believe in training that seems only possible in dreams, so, arm in arm with what Emotional Intelligence is, we bring many simple tools and exercises to put emotions to work for you now.


Module 1 – Defining EI

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Why is it important?
  • Signs and Examples
  • How it's measured?
  • EQ vs IQ - The 3 models of EI

Module 2 – EI in practice

  • What does it take to be emotionally intelligent?
  • How to use the components of emotional intelligence and its benefits
  • How to improve them

Module 3 – The dark side and future of EI

  • Disadvantages of higher EQ
  • EQ Pitfalls
  • The future of Emotional Intelligence

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