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Juliana Gonçalves

Hi! I am 37 years old and I live in Aveiro, Portugal. I am passionate about the Human Resources area, more specifically the ​​Corporate Happiness area, and I intend to bring this concept to the entire world. I love spending days with family and friends, walk in nature and play with my little dog! I am focused, motivated and persistent in everything that makes me passionate.

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Paula Duarte

The innate enthusiasm for relating to people has accompanied me professionally for over 15 years. In my path, it was possible to see the impact that organizational culture has on our health, productivity, well-being and happiness as professionals and, above all, as people. Currently, I develop and apply my work in the area of ​​Individual and Organizational Happiness, which has significantly contributed to my development as a human being, as well as to all the people who cross and share my path.

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