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What is it?

A fully online education platform with the goal to promote happiness in the workplace.
Through an annual membership your company can democratize employees' access to Leadership and Well-being training - making personal and professional development not only easy, but for EVERYONE. 


Problems we solve

Lack of Budget

Face to face training requires a higher budget allocated to online training.

With online training, your company is able to scale up the training to all employees with an affordable membership.

Lack of Time

Most companies have no time to focus on organising traning and most teams have no available time for it.

With this online platform, employees can access training any time and complete the courses at their own pace.

Training Requirements

Companies are required to provide X hours of professional training to employees.

This online platform will help you meet your legal obligations in an easy and affordable manner.

How does it work?

An annual membership provides each company with 6 certified courses per year + access to our Happiness Hub.

Each course is very interactive, consisting of micro learning videos, slide presentations, science-based research, self-assessment tools, exercises for teams, book suggestions, quizz and assessments to test knowledge. 

1st Year Membership Courses


Happiness Manager Certification

Did you know, that Lack of Meaning is the number 1 cause of Modern Unhappiness? Learn how to promote meaningful careers and more purposeful workplaces.

Authentic Leadership

This program aims to improve your leadership skills in order to promote a better performance between teams. What kind of leader do you want to be?

Positive Communication

Communication is the basis of everything. In this course, we talk about the best practices of communication, both in your personal and professional relationships.

Mindset for Happiness

What are we doing here anyway? After all why is it so hard to be happy? How can we live our lives and play our roles according to our truth?

Mindfulness Program

This is a 6-week program where we talk about everything that can lead us to a Mindful Life. A full and conscious life on all levels.


When we develop a culture of gratitude, we bring awareness to the smallest details. This is an absolute magnet for miracles.

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+ Community Manager

We know that external services - such as new employee apps - can feel exciting at first and quickly be forgotten. To make sure that you have the return on your investment, you company will be assigned with a community manager whose main goal is to create engagement with your employees, making sure they acess the platform and follow through their training. A report of engagement will also be provided to you on a quarterly basis.

Professional development made easy!

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