Class of Happiness


The program aims to foster self-awareness and to provide children with tools to navigate their challenges, empowering children to be leaders in their lives.

Truth is, Happiness was nevertaught at school.

Nor emotional regulation. Nor mindfulness. Nor empathy. Nor resilience. Nor positive psychology. Nor self love. Nor living in community. Nor the power of vulnerability. The list goes on. 

They taught us math, yet no one teaches how to count our blessings.
They taught us languages, yet no one teaches how to communicate positively.
They taught us geography yet no one teaches how to navigate our emotions.
They taught us PE, yet no one teaches the power of mindset.
They taugh us history, yet no one teaches how to look within for a sustainable future.

We were taught to fit in, to correspond to expectations, not to be too outrageous, and to dream within the limits. We weren't taught to live by meaning, purpose and to action accordingly to our values and beliefs system. To 'push civilization forward' or to change the world.

This led to 21st century’s major symptoms and diseases: Anxiety, Comparison, Stress, Depression, Burnout, Suicide, and more.

We know the schools of today are changing: a kid is not solely a number anymore and their worth doesn't depend on the academic ranking solely. The kid of today is taught to play to their strenghts because in this modern world, all talent is valid.

It is time to reverse engineer all this. In such a complex world, the leaders of tomorrow need to learn tools that will allow them to cope with it.


A few statistics


1 in 7 (10-19 yo) experience mental health conditions

Boys - 44647000 millions
Girls - 34840000 millions

Boys - 44563000 millions
Girls - 41712000 millions



of children experience Anxiety and Depression


of children experience Conduct Disorders


show an Attention deficit

What can we do?


These numbers are increasing every day. 
That is why we urgently need to develop in our children the necessary skills to achieve true success: inner peace in such a demanding world.

Our proposal is to introduce in your school an extracurricular activity 'The Class of Happiness' dedicated to the most important subject of our lives, in a worklab style. 

Through experiential learning classes, consisting of practical science-based activities and techniques, our goal is to bring every week a new topic related to happiness skills such as:

  • Zones of Regulation
  • Feelings
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Optimism
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Self love
  • Self leadership
  • How to hack our brains for happiness
  • and much, much more.

The Class of Happiness consists of 4 hours a month (1 per week) and it is adapted to the context and profile of each class, weather primary or secondary education, by our native English speakers facilitators.

Are you ready for this?


School Options

Monthly Membership 1

  • 1h per week for primary education (4 hours a month)

Monthly Membership 2

  • 1h per week for secondary education (4 hours a month)

Monthly Membership 3

  • 1h per week for primary education (4 hours a month)
  • 1h per week for secondary education (4 hours a month)

We are impacting the corporate enterprises in a meaningful way. We cant wait to impact the education system too!