Our Manifest

Here, in this academy, we subtract complexity and nurture simplicity.
Here, we redefine the color, adjust the tone and restructure welfare conditions on working days. 
Here, we are all leaders in our role, and none is more important than another. 
Here, we promote positive cultures that generate talent, purpose, impact, and commitment because they touch the heart. 
Here we know that numbers and money are consequences, not priorities. 
Here we are vulnerable because trust and confidence are the basis of relationships. 
Here we guide ourselves back home and to the essence of what really matters: Being happy.

Meet our team

Madalena Carey

Founder & Director

Pedro Canas da Mota

Founder & Head of Operations

Berta Neto

Trainer & Consultant Portugal

Rita Carvalho de Matos

Trainer & Consultant Portugal

António Paulo Teixeira

Trainer & Consultant Portugal

Steven Ebbers

Trainer & Consultant London

Anabela Machado

Exclusive Partner in Spain

Penny Nesbitt

Trainer and Consultant ANZ

Sharon Byrne

Trainer & Consultant ANZ

Cláudio Osório

Exclusive Partner in Angola

Tiago Carlos

Exclusive Partner in Angola

Sheila Miquidade

Exclusive Partner in Mozambique

Martine Behrens

Exclusive Partner in The Netherlands


Renata Rivetti

Exclusive Partner in Brazil


Felipe Serrano

Exclusive Partner in Brazil

Aymen Alsaihati

Exclusive Partner in GCC Region


Happiness is contagious.

Let us share some of ours with you!