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workers around the world ... smile.

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Through the love of work, employees will increase their performance, reach faster their KPI's, become more creative, innovative and, most importantly, be the proudest they have ever been to be working for their organizations.

Find below a few of the businesses who have started defying the corporate world status quo with our help.

Talk or Workshop ‘Mindset for Happiness’ -  1h30/4h

Based on Science of Happiness studies, resulting from the birth of Positive Psychology and the new key competencies of People Management and Personal Leadership, this workshop has as its main goal to hold employees accountable for their internal happiness and motivation.

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Happiness Management Training Program - 12h

The Happiness Manager training is a 2 day intensive training where you will rock your Positive Psychology and learn Engaging Leadership.

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Design Thinking for Happiness - 6h

Design Thinking is a collaborative approach that focuses on employees' empathy for solving a problem. Through design concepts, this training develops cognitive, strategic, and practical processes leading to corporate happiness.

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Positive Leadership Program - 30h

This program aims to improve leadership and communication skills in order to promote a better performance between teams, exploring the internal focus first and, afterward, the focus on others. Nowadays, it is essential to promote inclusive and positive leadership to increase motivation and employee experience.

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Consultancy Practice - 
3, 6 or 12 months

In our consulting process, we lead the way to raise awareness by measuring happiness and the major assessable factors in your organization, providing personal training to teams, helping you build your organizational happiness plan, and accompanying your

process. We will guide you through follow-up sessions to discuss ideas, suggest practices, and keep measuring and tracking progress.

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