We are on a mission to make
workers around the world ... smile.

Through the love of work, employees will increase their performance, reach faster their KPI's and OKR's, become more creative, innovative and, most importantly, be the proudest they have ever been to be working for their organisations.

Find below a few of the companies who have started defying the corporate world status quo with our help.

Academy as a Service

What if we created your own Happiness School within your corporate training academy?

Through an annual membership your company can add this school to the employee benefits portfolio.

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Talks & Workshops 

  • Mindset for Happiness
  • Leading with Happiness
  • Positive Psychology 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Taylor made to your needs
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Positive Leadership Program

This program aims to improve leadership and communication skills in order to promote a better performance between teams, exploring the internal focus first and, afterward, the focus on others. Nowadays, it is essential to promote inclusive and positive leadership to increase motivation and employee experience.

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Measurement of Corporate Happiness

For many years companies have been measuring job satisfaction, which is quite different from workplace happiness. Satisfaction is a rational and punctual evaluation that we make about our work. Happiness is an emotional evaluation of what we experience, usually on a more daily basis, so they can't be measured by the same spectrum.

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