Career Redesign

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What is Career Redesign?

Career Redesign is a process that helps us face professional changes in a personalized way, each case being unique. With this multidisciplinary tool that uses Coaching and Mentoring techniques, we are able to identify our own value proposition, gaining clarity in our inner resources and vision for the future.

If you feel unmotivated, disconnected, out of place, with doubts that you are not in the right place, that so far you haven't made the right choices, or for example feel an urge to do something different - this process may be the push you need right now.

To bring you clarity

We partnered with Lourdes Monteiro - Career Redesign® so together find your value proposition.

The process consists of 3 steps:

  • Exploration Session (Goals and Results) - Knowledge and decision
  • Development Sessions - Method Application and Action
  • Follow up Sessions - Monitor evolution


About the sessions:

All processes are different

Action plan can vary between 5 and 12 sessions 

Sessions are preferably every 15 days, on-site or remote

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