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We are on a mission to enable top management to create the best conditions for organizational happiness.

Managing a company is as complex as managing a country or any other living system. In such a vast and diverse ecosystem where people of different ages, nationalities, different mental maps, experiences, goals, and needs coexist, it is often challenging to align the values, vision, and mission of each individual with those of the company.


We are here to support you.

As each company is unique, our recommendation is always tailored to the context of each organisation, with our primary goal being to empower your leadership with the necessary tools to leverage talent, commitment and results.

A few stats:

Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%.

Engaged teams generate 21% more profit than their disengaged counterparts.

12.7% of sickness absences are related to mental health conditions.

Companies with happy and engaged employees see an 18% increase in employee productivity.

Happy salespeople produce 37% greater sales.

More than 50% of CEOs say corporate culture influences productivity, profitability, company value and growth rate.

Our solutions

Advanced Positive Leadership Program

  • A fully customized program tailored to the reality and needs of your company.
  • Your top leadership will gain the necessary tools to enhance the capabilities and commitment of each employee, with a direct impact on increasing the company's productivity.
  • The practicality of our programs will allow the alignment of corporate philosophy between leaders and employees to move from theory to practice - through the implementation of a strategic action plan for organizational happiness.
  • And because this journey is more effective together, Happiness Business School will be by your side through follow-up sessions for plan implementation.

I would like to convey, first of all, that the course has largely exceeded my expectations. We have been provided with an extremely enriching journey that prepares us and pushes us towards the continuous challenge of happiness in companies; which invites us to act for change, to build experiences of space and working time with more meaning. I would also like to highlight the requirement of the process, the care in providing resources and tools that will facilitate the consolidation of the lessons learned, the monitoring of the themes with very relevant material and the availability of the team. The adopted methodology proved to be very effective, allowing to permanently monitor learning. Naturally, a final reference for the preparation and pedagogical skills of the trainer, which has removed a barrier that is often felt in e-learning and in asynchronous training actions.

Tânia Rodrigues
HR & Talent Development @ Licor Beirão

Very grateful for what I have learned from you!
This training allowed me to take an inner journey, remember my childhood dreams and rescue the best that is in me.   I was born passionate and live exactly that way, I believe that in everything we do, when we do it with kindness, empathy, authenticity, truth and passion, the positive impact on others is inevitable.   I am inspired and I want to be able to inspire all people who in some way cross my life path.  "We must not allow someone to leave our presence without feeling better and happier." (Mother Teresa of Calcutta). I recommend this course of excellence, in a company of excellence, Happiness Business School, made up of excellent human beings, who motivate and inspire us to be better human beings every day and in all our actions.

Anabela Carvalho
Happiness Manager @ Wethecore

I had great pleasure in taking this course. I felt inspired, energized and motivated to generate change in myself and in everything around me. I want to thank you so much for creating this project with such incredible purpose. The course is excellent and I really admire your work at HBS, I'm sure it won't be the last training I'll do with you as I feel increasingly identified with this topic that is so important in our lives and to which I hope to give my contribution. Thank you very much and see you soon!

Paula Diogo
Branch Manager @ Vertente Humana

For me, happiness is not trendy but a central and impactful topic of many other themes such as motivation, turnover, productivity, etc. As I want to be a happiness facilitator in my workplace, I was looking for a course that would give me a global orientation but also a very practical way of thinking about this topic, which made me follow Happiness Business School and, more recently, enroll in this certification! I feel that I learned a lot and solidified knowledge I already had and I feel now more prepared to promote organizational happiness. Thank you!

Cláudia Neves
People and Office Manager @ Applied Blockchain

I had the opportunity to carry out the Happiness Manager Certificate with Happiness Business School and I strongly recommend this experience to everyone who, like me, is passionate about the Corporate Happiness topic. What a fantastic course and so approachable and available team. Congratulations!

Daniela Sousa
Business Manager Talent Acquisition @ Findhu

I loved doing this course. The way it is presented and given, gives us a huge motivation for not wanting to stop and above all we absorb it in an extremely simple and effective way. The way the modules are presented is crucial for us to begin to understand what happiness really is and the importance it has in our daily life. We end up with an organizational happiness plan, a tool to use in our daily lives and manage to convey the message in a clear and objective way. 

Inês Martinez
Public Relations @ Abreu Advogados

I found this course thorough and engaging! 5 modules with 19 sessions covering research, theory and practice in Positive Psychology, as well as management tools and assessements for organizations. Many exercises to undergo, articles to read and reflections to conduct on yourself and the organization to help develop happiness plans. It also great for identifying what to work on personally and professionally for motivation, well-being and designing a culture of happiness in the organization. It was no walk in the park as they say, but really fun for me to go through this experience and I learned quite a great deal from doing the work. I couldn’t get my eyes off the materials from the moment I started, that it motivated me to take the next step with CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) as well. Definitely a valuable, new and much needed perspective to bring to our companies, even to friends and families, especially in such times when we remember that organizations are ultimately made of people with hopes, dreams, desires and fears and taking care of them is good for business!

Hamza Aref
Growth Director at ROI-me

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