Measurement of
Corporate Happiness

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Happiness is the metric of the future.

For many years companies have been measuringĀ job satisfaction, which is quite different from workplace happiness. Satisfaction is a rational and punctual evaluation that we make about our work. Happiness is an emotional evaluation of what we experience, usually on a more daily basis, so they can't be measured by the same spectrum.

What do we measure?

Positive Emotions






How do we measure?

The measurement of happiness is done through a survey based on the PERMAV model which allows us to concludeĀ the levels of individual and collective happiness of your team a scale from 0 to 20 and understand which pillars are being well worked and which ones need to be reinforced. At the end, we will send a final report where we will include a set of measures and suggestions for what could be improved.

Some of the companies that have embraced this mission with us.

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