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Together is a wonderful place to be.
It's been a while since we understood that, together, we go further. Together, we impact deeper.
Our certified consultants are able to deliver our corporate courses in their clients, use our materials, our templates, our procedures, methodologies and use the brand in their designated country. 
To become a certified consultant, you will need to apply and complete successfully the HBS Consultant Certification Course.

HBS Consultant Certification Course

Happiness Fundamentals

  • Happiness Manager Course
  • Introduction to Happiness Resources

Becoming an HBS Consultant

  • Becoming an HBS Consultant – What is included and what we expect from you
  • Basics of the HBS Method™ for Corporate Happiness
  • Conducting Sessions
  • Training different organisational levels
  • Materials and templates

Marketing and Sales – Getting Clients

  • Website and Email Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing Funnel
  • Social Media: Instagram and Linkedin
  • Your Relationship with Media
  • Selling Essentials
  • How to get the top management buy-in

Certification Membership

  • HBS Values
  • Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  • The Consultant Best Practices
  • Certification Membership Benefits
  • Exam



This is a private course that only professionals with an invitation will get access to. If you are interested in becoming an HBS Certified Consultant, please send your application to [email protected] with a 2-3 minute video explaining why you are a great fit to represent HBS.



Consultants will need to have their own practice established and website before applying. We pride knowledge, empathy and passion more thatn qualifications but if you have a proven background in HR, Psychology, Training and Development, Leadership and Coaching that will be an added bonus. We do not expect a formal approach, just be YOU!



Happiness is about and for everyone. It's also about fairness and about being able to put ourselves in the other person's shoes, about being empathic. The world is unequal and we want to contribute to the balance. Based on the purchasing power index estimated for 2023 by the site Numbeo, we created 3 different zones aiming to provide our consultants a business development aligned with the economic reality of the country where they live. Find, in the list below, in which zone your country is located and click to find out more and join us. If your location is not listed, please go to zone 2, and we will have a close look at your case together.

Zone 1

Belarus, Ukraine, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Iran, Philippines, Lebanon, Pakistan, Georgia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, China, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria.


Zone 2

Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, France, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Israel, South Korea, South Africa.


Zone 3

Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, United States, Singapore, Kuwait, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, 
Australia, New Zealand.

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Reconnect, Brazil

We have joined forces with Reconnect, a Brazilian company that focus in the field of Happiness at Work. Reconnect is our partner in Brazil, where they have been doing a wonderful job in the filed. Renata and Felipe are extremely dedicated professionals, you will be in great hands.

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Reconnect Happiness at Work

Oku Human, Angola

Oku Human is our partner in Angola, representing us in a number of services. Cláudio and Tiago are all about boosting human relationships, with years of experience in the HR field and development fields.

Know more:
Oku Human

Paula Duarte, Portugal

The innate enthusiasm for relating to people has accompanied her professionally for over 15 years. Along the way, it was possible to see the impact that organizational culture has on our health, productivity, well-being and happiness as professionals and, above all, as people. Currently, she develops and applies her work in the area of Individual and Organizational Happiness, which has contributed significantly to her development as a human being, as well as to all the people who cross and share her path.

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Paula Duarte

Creating a Purposeful Life, UK

Creating a Purposeful Life is our partner in the UK, representing us in several services. Talita Vidal is an agent of change who is passionate about human development and wellbeing. She believes we all deserve to live in a world that enables us to flourish, her focus is to help people change their mindsets so to make the working place a meaningful, and purposeful environment for everyone. 

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Creating a Purposeful Life

Food for Soul, Portugal

Jessica Iachia, grew up in a multilingual family, which has made her a traveller at heart both inward and outward. Supported by a strong business background, she has been delivering Wellness Coaching to individuals and companies since 2018. Her approach is holistic and practical as her intention is always to empower the other, support them in their transformation and help establish the foundations for happiness and wellness. 


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Food for Soul

Happibuzz, Netherlands

Karina Klaassen is the founder of Happibuzz. She supports other people and organisations with Leadership trainings, Organisational Happiness consulting and coaching. Through this she helps managers and employees self advocate their lives and careers to reconnect with their essence, resulting in more happiness and resilience. She is a highly experienced and reliable consultant with more than 30 years working experience in multinational and multicultural companies. It took her a burnout to discover that you can train yourself to experience less stress and more happiness. Her purpose is to support organisations and people to flourish for greater good. Karina is a certified Happiness and Heartcoherence Coach, facilitator for the Energy Codes and currently studying for a MBA degree in Organisational Happiness. She also has a degree in Design and is a creative problemsolver. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband of more than 30 years and has a daughter. Karina does yoga every day and loves to continuously grow and explore.


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Wise ID, Portugal

Wise ID is a company dedicated to talent. Their primary focus is on people. They work with qualified and specialized professionals in various fields of activity, empowering and supporting them in their career search. Wise ID recruits the best to maximize their clients' business. For those with talent, they manage the best opportunities so that candidates can make a difference, doing what they do best and aligning with their profile. For those seeking talent, Wise ID ensures that you have access to the best candidates, enabling you to take your business to the next level, in accordance with your guidance and objectives.

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Wise ID

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