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Every child is a gift. And gifted in their own unique way!

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For many years, we have aimed to enhance the footprint of Social Responsibility at Happiness Business School so this year marks a milestone as we unveil the evolution of our Extra-Curricular Class of Happiness Program in schools into the Specials Foundation.


We know what you are thinking: All children are special!


We think so to. That is why we are committed to addressing the unique needs of each child. For some, we provide specialized education. For others, it is about well-being and equipping them with tools to thrive in an uncertain world. After all, children and youth, ourĀ specials, are the leaders of tomorrow.


SpecialĀ Education Support in Schools

Contracted support for specific special needs to support positive inclusion in schools. Development of IEPs, behaviour plans, modified curriculum content and identifying needed services/resources.


An after school and holiday early intervention extra-curricular program for Primary and HS years, focused on equipping children and youth with the tools to take charge of their future well-being.

Workshops & School Wellbeing Development

Workshops for teachers on positive behaviour strategies, working with special needs, zones of regulation program, school community well-being.

Workshops & Tuning into Kids Program

Tuning into Kids and Teens programs as developed by Professor Sophie HavighurstĀ (University of Melbourne)Ā and Ann Harley. Additional programs to support parents in fostering and managing children's well-being and future lifeskills.

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