What is it?

Our mind doesn't stop and rarely is where it should be. This is called Mind Wandering and it is our difficulty in being focused on a single topic for a long time, particularly on a task that deserves our attention. Studies indicate that during 47% of the time that we are awake, our mind is far from what we are experiencing, hovering between the past and the future - between our memories, our worries, desires, anxieties.

The benefits of Mindfulness are immense. Not only reduces stress, anxiety and procrastination, but also improves concentration, memory, cognitive flexibility, reduces emotional reactions, improves quality of life and relationships, among others. By practicing Mindfulness regularly, we will begin to be more focused on our tasks, we will make better use of our time, being more productive, all this with a lighter and less tired mind.

What does it work?

This is an e-learning course with a duration of 6h spread over 6 weeks. Over the 6 weeks, we will release classes every 7 days so that you can gradually internalize and practice each type of Mindfulness. Each session consists of micro-learning videos, training slides, diagnostic tools, mindfulness practice, quizzes, book suggestions, scientific articles and a certificate of completion!


Week 1

  • Mindfulness | Benefits and Impact
  • 10 minutes of practice
  • Mindful Walking

Week 2

  • Mind Wandering¬†
  • 12 minutes of practice
  • Mindful Eating

Week 3

  • Ikigai¬†
  • 12 minutes of practice
  • Mindful¬†Listening

Week 4

  • Mindfulnessin the workplace
  • 14 minutes of practice
  • Mindful¬†Observation

Week 5

  • Mindful Awareness
  • 17 minutes of practice

Week 6

  • Mindful¬†Savouring
  • 18 minutes of practice

You will also have access to

Unlimited support by email. We will be glad to help, suggest and guide you at all times.


Community forum where you can meet like minded people, discuss ideas or just chat!


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion.


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Our trainers

Rita Carvalho de Matos

Rita is multitalented, has a creative mind, is highly focused on solutions, spreads empathy, inspires through her resilience and faith that everything will always turn out well. She is a Corporate Happiness Specialist, delivering training in this field, and she is the Community Manager of Happiness Business School, being also a lecturer in the MBA Organisational Happiness. With a background in Business Organization and Management and a Postgraduate degree in Trade Marketing & Sales, Rita has 20 years of experience in project and team management roles in major multinational corporations. In 2018, she took a leap of faith into a "life redesign": she followed her intuition, which told her that it was possible to be happy while working when we align with our true purpose and allow ourselves to break free from the "rat race." Among the various entrepreneurial opportunities she embraced, she collaborated with HBS on several training projects until she took the lead in our Certified Partners and Consultants Program, creating a fantastic experience and preparing them for success. Above all, she loves our mission just as much as we do!

Pedro Canas da Mota

Having always had an enormous sense of service, Pedro graduated in Hotel Management with the mission of creating unforgettable moments for everyone who crossed his path. He worked for several years as corporate events manager in several hotels and restaurants, but soon realized that the effort and commitment he devoted to his clients' leisure moments, were not enough. Looking closely at small and large companies, national and international, he felt that it was urgent to stimulate the emotional bond between employees and their organizations and that investment in people should be made not only during leisure time, but at all stages of the employee experience. Today he has an MBA in Corporate Happiness and is responsible for the operational area of Happiness Business School, where he puts his mission into practice in a deeper and holistic perspective.

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